Notice: PAT’s by-laws are officially under review as of Summer 2020. Please consult an officer for more information.


SECTION ONE: The election of the President shall be held within the spring quarter, when possible, at a meeting called by the current President. The term of office shall last one calendar year. If an election is not possible, the President shall be appointed by the outgoing President and the Faculty Advisor.

SECTION TWO: Election of the President shall be done by secret ballot of members in accordance with a procedure to be established by the current President and the Faculty Advisor. The ballots shall be counted by the Faculty Advisor. In the event of a tie, there will be a runoff election of the top candidates held in the same procedure.

SECTION THREE: The Executive Board shall be elected by a procedure determined by the President. The term of office shall be one school year. If the President and Faculty Advisor decide that an election is not possible, then the Board shall be selected in a procedure determined by the incoming President with the advice and consent of the Faculty Advisor.

SECTION FOUR: All permanent officers must be members of Phi Alpha Theta upon appointment or election. Those who are not will be disqualified. In the event of a tie for any office, there will be a runoff election for each contested office held in the same established procedure.

SECTION FIVE: If an officer resigns or is removed, a replacement procedure will be determined at the discretion of the Executive Board. In the case of a vacancy occurring in the office of President, the Vice President shall become the new President assuming the functions, duties and prerogatives of the said office until the original term of office has expired. The new President will then make a selection for Vice-President and any other offices which become vacant as a result.

SECTION SIX: Outgoing Board members shall write a report at the end of their term discussing the specific duties of their position. These reports are to be given to the outgoing President. The outgoing and incoming Presidents shall conduct a face-to-face meeting to discuss the specific duties of each officer of the Board.

SECTION SEVEN: Duties of Officers

  • The President shall have general executive control of the chapter, preside at all meetings, and perform such duties that usually pertain to this office. The President will represent this chapter to any campus organization or other governing body and, with the Faculty Advisor, will be responsible for all reports to the administrative office of the University. The President shall serve as editor-in-chief of the chapter newsletter and/or journal until or unless one is appointed. The President shall maintain the power to appoint members to the position of Director for any specific duties or projects which may occur during the presidential term. The new President shall have the right to review the appointees of the former President and make whatever changes deemed necessary.
  • The Vice President shall assist the President as well as the other officers and shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall also oversee the planning of all events for the quarter including all publicity and marketing associated with said events.
  • The Treasurer shall act as chief fundraiser of the chapter, keep an accurate record of funds obtained in this manner and work in association with the Faculty Advisor over maintenance of chapter funds.
  • The Membership Director shall ensure that all members are in compliance with both National and Local chapter requirements. They will maintain accurate records of members and will be responsible for recruiting new members.
  • The Academic Programmer shall be responsible for planning all events for the local chapter that further the academic and graduate goals of chapter members. They will work as a liason between students and faculty to enhance relationships between the two.
  • The Faculty Advisor shall serve as an advisor to the chapter in all matters and assist with the planning of activities and programs, act as ultimate custodian of all funds and keep accurate records of all receipts. The Faculty Advisor shall also have the authority to remove any elected officer who fails or is otherwise unable to perform their duties.


SECTION ONE: The purpose of the ad honorum membership level is to honor members who actively participated in Phi Alpha Theta events and have contributed to the overall well-being of Phi Alpha Theta.

SECTION TWO: All undergraduate members shall be eligible for ad honorem membership. All graduate and faculty members automatically qualify for ad honorem membership upon acceptance of their application for membership. Any graduate or faculty member who joins Phi Alpha Theta as an undergraduate automatically qualifies for inducted membership once they have met the respective graduate or faculty membership requirements.

SECTION THREE: The requirements for ad honorem membership shall be based upon the principle of general member participation. The specific requirements are to be determined by the Executive Board and shall be published within thirty days of the beginning of the academic year. The requirements for ad honorem membership shall be applicable for one academic year and must be renewed prior to each academic year by the incoming Executive Board. In the event that the requirements for ad honorem membership are not published within thirty days following the beginning of the academic year, the requirements for ad honorem membership shall not apply to the graduating class for that academic year.

Addendum A: ad honorem membership amendment

SECTION ONE: The requirements listed in Addendum A, Article Two of the ‘Phi Alpha Theta: Theta Upsilon Chapter By-Laws’, for ad honorem membership shall be applicable immediately, applying retroactively to the beginning of the current academic year and shall be applicable for at least one academic year. The requirements for ad honorem membership shall be determined according to the procedure prescribed in Article Two, Addendum A, Section Three of the ‘Phi Alpha Theta, Theta Upsilon Chapter By-Laws’.

SECTION TWO: In accordance with the prescribed requirements set by Article Three, Section Four of the ‘Phi Alpha Theta, Theta Upsilon Chapter Constitution’ and Article Two, Section Three of the ‘Phi Alpha Theta, Theta Upsilon Chapter By-Laws’ the following shall constitute the requirements for ad honorem membership in the Theta-Upsilon chapter of Phi Alpha Theta:

  • Ad honorem membership shall follow a ‘credit system’ by which members accumulate points for participating in various chapter and national events and activities. Members can accumulate points throughout the entirety of their membership with Phi Alpha Theta. A point threshold shall be determined by the Executive Board which shall be used to determine eligibility for ad honorem membership.
  • Points can be accumulated at any Phi Alpha Theta event and for any participation. Attendance will be taken at each event to accurately record member participation. The Membership Director will maintain a record of all points earned by members and is responsible for the maintenance of the inducted membership point system in addition to his or her constitutional duties. The Membership Director may appoint any member of the Theta Upsilon chapter to assist him or her in the maintenance of the ad honorem membership point system. The aforementioned appointment is subject to approval by the President and Vice President of the Theta Upsilon chapter.


  • The following point system shall be used to determine eligibility for ad honorem membership:
  1. To be eligible for ad honorem membership, a member must have accumulated twenty (20) points through participation in chapter or nationally sponsored activities.
  2. Point System:
    • Member of Executive Board 5
      • (Members of the Executive Board will act as coordinators for committees and will receive points for their Board participation only in any year of service)
  • Committee Member 4
    • (Academic Committee, Quaestio, Fundraising, Social)
  • Publish or Present Original Research 4
  • Attendance at Regional or National Event 4
  • Apply to Membership Board 2
  • Attempt to Publish or Present 2
    • (Proof of submission must be provided to membership director)
  • Work a chapter sponsored event 2
  • Attendance at any PAT sponsored event 1
  • Publicity for any PAT sponsored event 1
    • (Announcements in relevant classes—proof will be provided by instructor initials on a PAT document/flyer)

SECTION FOUR: Upon the resumption of the normal operating procedure for determining inducted membership requirements as dictated by Article Two, Addendum A of the ‘Phi Alpha Theta: Theta Upsilon Chapter By-Laws’, the incoming Executive Board shall take into account the accumulated point totals of current members and make necessary adjustments to the point totals to ensure that no such member will be adversely affected by a change in the member credit system.


The Theta Upsilon chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University Policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or status such as Vietnam era veteran or special disabled veteran.

The Theta Upsilon chapter of Phi Alpha Theta also prohibits sexual harassment. This non-discrimination policy covers organization membership, access to organization programs and activities, and the general treatment of members in the organization.