By Keanu Heydari

Phi Alpha Theta has been thriving at UCLA for the past two years. While there were indeed periods of uncertainty, especially at the beginning of my leadership of the organization, we were able to increase membership, steadily and reliably increase attendance, revitalize our presence online through the new website and social media, and re-introduce a professional face of the organization to the History Department. PAT broke ground in the previous academic year by cooperating with the History Undergraduate Advisory Board to participate in the facilitation of the First Annual History Undergraduate Conference, “Power & Politics.”

I would like to thank my fellow officers who served alongside me since 2014 to begin the ongoing process of revitalizing undergraduate participation in the community of historians at UCLA: Megan Olshefski, Cody Petit, and Anna Rindfleisch. I would also like to thank Paul Padilla, our society sponsor, for his consistently invaluable help in managing the society’s assets and for introducing frameworks though which the society could easily function.

Going forward, I would like to officially announce the officers for the 2016-17 academic year:

John JJ Ladouceur – President
Drake Morton – Vice President
James Gardner – Membership Director
Keanu Heydari – Academic Programmer & Editor-in-Chief of Quaestio
Lorenzo Haggiag – Treasurer

Our new President, John Ladouceur, specializes in Ancient History and will be a senior in the fall. I am grateful that he has appointed me to the position of Academic Director—in this position, I will focus on taking Quaestio into new directions and continue to bring PAT closer to the heartbeat of the department.

We will be introducing an extensive agenda in the coming months that will explicate a new vision for Phi Alpha Theta, one in which the themes of community, space, and memory are emphasized.

Keanu Heydari
B.A. History
UCLA, 2017

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