Our second meeting of the quarter was well attended. Keanu Heydari announced his intention to run for PAT president for the 2014-15 academic year—elections will be held on Wednesday of Week 5.


  • We’re meeting at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 in the History Conference Room—on the 6th floor of Bunche Hall. In the event of a deviation from this schedule, all changes will be broadcasted via our Facebook Group and via our Twitter.
  • We’re honored to have Professor Ronald Mellor present about his professional story as a historian.
  • Prof. Mellor specializes in ancient history. Click here to see his faculty page.
  • There will be free pizza and free soda!


You won’t want to miss out on this talk…

Professor Ronald Mellor (Ph.D., Classics; Princeton University) will be sharing some of the reasons he chose to enter the field of history, and much more about himself. There will be a Q&A session after his presentation, and there will be complimentary pizza and soda provided.

From the History Department website:

A native of Brooklyn, Ronald Mellor made daily expeditions to Manhattan to study Latin and Greek at Regis High School. He later studied classics and philosophy at the University of Louvain (Belgium) and Fordham University (A.B. 1962). He received his doctorate in Classics at Princeton University in 1968.

Mellor first taught in the Classics department at Stanford University and, since 1976, has been teaching Greek and Roman History in the History department at UCLA. His courses include Western Civilization and World History, as well as a month-long Travel Study course he has taught in Rome for the UCLA Summer Session. He has also led Alumni tours to Slovenia, Sicily, Turkey, Provence, and a cruise to the Western Mediterranean. From 1992 to 1997 Mellor was Chair of the UCLA History Department.

He has been a Visiting Fellow/Scholar at University College London, the Humanities Research Centre of the Australian National University, the American Academy in Rome, and the Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies. He has held fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Council of Learned Societies.

Mellor’s research has centered on ancient religion and Roman historiography. His books include: THEA ROME: The Goddess Roma in the Greek World (1975); From Augustus to Nero: The First Dynasty of Imperial Rome (ed. 1990); Tacitus (1993); Tacitus: The Classical Heritage (1995); The Historians of Ancient Rome (ed. 1997; 2nd ed. 2004); The Roman Historians (1999); and Text and Tradition: Studies in Greek History and Historiography in Honor of Mortimer Chambers (co-ed. 1999); Augustus and the Creation of the Roman Empire (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2005). He is also author of the principal articles on ancient Roman history in the Microsoft CD-ROM encyclopedia, Encarta 2000. His most recent book is Tacitus “Annals” appared in 2011 from the Oxford University Press.

He served for six years as the statewide Principal Investigator of the California History-Social Science Project, which brings university faculty together with K-12 teachers at ten sites in California. The CHSSP was given the 2000 American Historical Association Beveridge Award for K-12 teaching. Mellor remains the co-Director of the UCLA History-Geography Project, which as the local site of the CHSSP works with teachers throughout Los Angeles.

Mellor is the co-general editor (with Professor Amanda Podany) of The World in Ancient Times – a series of nine volumes on ancient world history for young readers published by the Oxford University Press. The series has been approved by the California State Board of Education for use in California middle-schools. For that series, Mellor is co-author (with Marni McGee) of The Ancient Roman World (OUP, 2004) and (with Amanda Podany) The World in Ancient Times: Primary Sources and Reference Volume (OUP, 2005).

He is currently revising for a third edition The Historians of Ancient Rome, which will appear in 2013. In the longer term, he hopes to write a history of the city of Rome from Romulus to Silvio Berlusconi.


Flyer - Mellor

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