Weekly Debrief (Wk. VII – WQ ’15)

Wednesday evening's talk was a smashing success! Prof. Langdon's talk drew in an official quarter-record attendance of 22. The actual attendance of the event was even higher (we do not count individuals who do not sign in). Prof. Langdon's conversational presentation style wowed the audience, all of whom were pleasantly surprised by his decision to distribute a bevy … Continue reading Weekly Debrief (Wk. VII – WQ ’15)

Weekly Briefing (Wk. VII – WQ ’15): Professor Talk

For some of us, the quarter has flown by—for others, it has dragged on, and on, and on... In either case, we want to give you a brief respite from your studies by cordially inviting and welcoming you to our third professor talk of the quarter! (We're thoroughly excited with the faculty participation this quarter and anticipate even … Continue reading Weekly Briefing (Wk. VII – WQ ’15): Professor Talk

Weekly Briefing (Wk. VI – WQ ’15): Professor Talk

Weekly Briefing (Wk. IV - WQ '15): Professor Talk It's week six! Our second professor talk of the quarter will be with Prof. Andrea Moudarres. Join PAT in welcoming Prof. Moudarres as he shares his current research interests in the field of Italian studies! Andrea Moudarres is currently Assistant Professor of Italian at the University of California, Los Angeles. He joined the … Continue reading Weekly Briefing (Wk. VI – WQ ’15): Professor Talk