Weekly Debrief (Wk. III – WQ ’15): Minutes

The regular weekly meeting of Phi Alpha Theta, Theta Upsilon Chapter at UCLA (PAT) was held on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 5:30 PM., at the History Reading Room on the sixth floor of Bunche Hall at the University of California, Los Angeles, the President being in the chair and the majority of officers being present. These are the first minutes of the quarter.

  • The following topics/issues were discussed and agreed upon:
    • A call to general review and revision of the constitution and bylaws as per Article 7 of the Constitution: “Amending Bylaws and the Constitution,” which was read as follows,
    • “The constitution and bylaws may be amended at any Phi Alpha Theta meeting by a procedure to be determined by the Executive Board. The bylaws must be reviewed at least once a year to ensure that they remain current. After they are revised by the Executive Board, they must be voted on by members in accordance with the established procedure. The changes shall be in agreement with existing University regulations and shall be filed with the Center for Student Programming immediately upon adoption.

    • Upon agreement of the revised constitution, the pro tempore administrative structure will be abolished.
    • De facto adherence to Robert’s Rule of Order is abolished in favor of an “as needed” procedural process aided by Robert’s.

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