Weekly Briefing (Wk. III – WQ ’15): A New Start

As we enter into the third week of Winter Quarter, we reflect on the victories and setbacks made evident to us during the first fortnight—it’s hard to believe 1/5 of the quarter is already behind us! Whispers of midterms, potential essay questions, and final format guidelines travel in the corridors of Bunche as studious Bruins prepare to face the challenges of another testing season head on.

For history majors, this time can be especially difficult when professional and social community is hard to come by. That’s why the Executive Board of Phi Alpha Theta, UCLA’s History Honors Society, formally and cordially invites you to join us this Wednesday for our weekly meeting. Light refreshments will be available.

Come to a safe space where friends are plenty and conversation is actually interesting. We want to know you and help you grow this quarter in as many ways as we’re able.

Notes (Subject to Edits):

  • The tentative meeting time is 5:30 PM on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 in the History Reading Room at 5:30 PM. Changes will be broadcasted via our Facebook Group and Page, and via our Twitter.
  • This meeting’s agenda includes an overview of the administrative developments and potential Constitutional and By-Law revisions that are needed in light of recent changes.


  • Last week’s trivia night was a success; we were surprised and motivated by members and attenders who began to formulate their own (very challenging) historical trivia questions in addition to the one’s that we’d prepared.

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